DAV Dept of MD Dept Committees

Disabled American Veterans Department of Maryland Department Committees
Annual State Convention/Convention Book CommitteeWilliam H Fisher, Chair
Americanism CommitteeHarry Metzler, Chair
Auxiliary Liaison CommitteeMark G. Mills, Chair
Benefit and Protection Team (Federal)Harry Metzler, Chair
Ciations and Awards CommitteeJoan Sabree, Chair
Department Fundraising CommitteeMark G. Mills, Chair
DAV, Dept. of MD – Veterans of the Year CommitteePDC Raymond Chatary, Chair
Forget-Me-Not CommitteeOscar W. Mardis, Chair
Benefit Seminar CommitteeHarry Metzler, Chair
Golden Corral CommitteeMattie Whitfield, Chair
Constitution and Bylaws CommitteePDC Glynn Parker, Chair
Convention Time and Place CommitteeWilliam H Fisher, Chair
Credentials CommitteeTed Garry, Chair
National Guard Service CommitteeJoseph D. Swientek, Chair
Public Relations CommitteeMark G. Mills, Chair
Transportation Network CommitteeTommie L. Hawkins (All HSC’s at VAMC’s/CBOC’s)
VAVs CommitteeMark G. Mills, Chair
Women’s Veteran CommitteeKatina Barnes, Chair
Homeless CommitteeGeorgia Eaves, Chair
Hospital and Rehabilitation CommissionTommie L. Hawkins, Chair
Joint Veterans CommitteeMark G. Mills, Chair
Legislation State CommitteeGerard Devlin, Chair
Local Veterans Assistance Program CommitteeTommie L. Hawkins, Chair
Membership CommitteeTed Garry, Chair
Nominating CommitteeAlvin “Mick” Schmidt, Chair
Training and Member DevelopmentMark G. Mills, Chair