Women Veterans

The DAV Department of Maryland supports women veterans with inclusive programs and vital advocacy. We’ve uncovered alarming gaps in services for women in our current federal programs and we lead the fight for positive change.

The Impact of Women Veterans

Women are a huge part of our armed forces and their contribution should be fully recognized with comprehensive veteran support. Currently, women make up 20% of new recruits, 15.9% of active duty personnel, and 19.3% of the National Guard forces. The VHA is a major source of support for disabled women veterans. The VA estimates that it will treat 557,938 women veterans in 2020 and 295,182 of these patients will seek gender-specific health care services.

Advocacy for Change

Unfortunately, there is a shortage in primary care providers with expertise in women’s health at the VA facilities. We are advocating for positive change and increased programs for women’s healthcare with the VA. The DAV of Maryland urges Congress to mend the gaps in the VA’s programs to better meet the needs of women veterans. We implore Congress to conduct oversight, provide increased resources, and hold hearings to address these challenges and find solutions.



    Do you want to help us improve our programs for women veterans? Get involved today as we storm Capitol Hill and demand positive action. Contact us today to learn more!